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Blavatsky Net - Theosophy

This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching - Theosophy. It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, research tools, original text, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction.

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Roadmap to Theosophical Publishers
and Theosophical Magazines

(A note to all readers, if you have a publisher that you know of that publishes Theosophical material and is not on this list, please send me a note to ecpriede@theosophyfoundationofgeorgia.org. Also, we would welcome news of any new magazine and/or journal that publishes Theosophical material.)

Publishing Groups that Focus on Theosophy
  Concord Grove Press -(currently in the process of upgrading its website)
  Edmonton Theosophical Society - an original organization that also publishes the magazines Fohat, Irish Theosophist and Lamp. All are online and archived for easy access.
  Manas Reprints - Originally published the magazine Manas Reader. The magazine is archived and can be accessed.
  Path Publishing House - original publisher of one of the first biographies on HP. Blavatsky
  Point Loma Publications - The website is currently under construction and only the swedish language page is accessible.
  Theosophical Publishing House - Publishing Unit of The Theosophical Society, also publishes Quest Magazine.
  Theosophical Publishing House - Theosophical Society of the Philippines, also publishes a quarterly magazine that seeks to promote theosophical principales in practical actions, it is called Peace Ideas.
  Theosophical University Press -- Publishing Unit of the Theosophical Society of America headquartered in Pasadena, also published the well read , Sunrise Magazine, which ceased in 2007 but is archived.
  Theosophy Company - The Publishing Unit for The United Lodge of Theosophists, also published Theosophy Magazine now discontinued but archived in its entirety at wisdomworld.org

Publishing Groups of Related Material
is related closely to the wisdom-religion knowledge

(in the early Summer - we hope to be able to add back the bookstore Seekerbooks where all pertinent theosophical material can be bought at deep discounts.)

  Philosophical Research Society - Manley P. Hall's group. Manley P. Hall was a brilliant member of the ULT Lodge in New York, who had to start his own group due to personality conflicts with the directorship of the lodge. This group publishes his insightful and well researched works related to the wisdom-religion knowledge.
  Anthroposophical Society in America - Rudolf Steiner's group. Steiner was the head of the German Theosophical Organization and had to start out on his own due to personality and philosophical conflicts with Annie Besant and her leadership.
  Tarcher Penguin - publishes a few works related to Theosophy and to the wisdom-religion knowledge.
  Hampton Roads Publishing - publishes a few books related to Theosophy and the wisdom-religion, now owned by Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing.
  Kessinger Publications - Publishes rare books, has most of the back issues of many of the Theosophical Magazines of yester year.
Theosophical Magazines in Print and Online
  Aquarian Theosophist - monthly magazine devoted to exploring the esoterical world of Theosophy.
  Theosophical Movement - a magazine devoted to "Living the Higher Life" out of Mumbai, India
  In the Light of Theosophy - articles from "Living the Life" in the Theosophical Movement magazine. Interesting read, very timely.
  Theosophical History - an independent scholarly journal devoted to all aspects of theosophy (with and without a capita T. ) It is unaffiliated with any Theosophical organization. Edited by James Santucci
  Theosophy World - archived issues of the monthly magazine, which was edited by Eldon Tucker
  High Country Theosophist - an independent online journal edited by Richard Slusser

"No Religion Higher Than Truth"
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