Signs of Acceptance of Astrology

1. A new page called currents at another site aims to demonstrate the continuing acceptance and proof of astrology in today's world. As its first entry it has an article entitled "Astrology as a Sacred Science, the Holographic Universe, and the Deeper Reality". It is an interview with Physicist-Astrologer Will Keepin, Ph.D. that shows a physicist changing his view and accepting the fundamental truth of astrology. He says at one point

"What I smile about is the magnitude of the awakening that comes when one sees the richness and the way in which the cosmos is literally dripping with this deep level of meaning, weaving us intimately together on a cosmic scale."

2. Here is a tidbit that shows the influence of Blavatsky. 3/1/98 Daniel Giamario wrote an article "May 1998 and the Great Galactic Alignment" in "The Mountain Astrologer" Feb/Mar. 1998. Central to his issue was the length of the cycle of precession of the earth's axis of rotation. In footnote 5 he addresses the different possible choices for the length of that cycle. He happens to mention Dane Rudhyar, a well known and respected astrologer as evidently having a very high opinion of Blavatsky. His footnote says:

Various numbers of years have been given for this cycle. The number of years is probably not entirely stable and may oscillate a bit over time. Dane Rudhyar uses 25,868, because that is used in Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. Charles Jayne uses 25,694 years. Most popular literature currently uses 25,920 years. My personal favorite exact figure is 25,800 years, which is used by many astronomers such as Guy Ottelwell. To simplify, I use the rounded figure of 26,000 years for the cycle.

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