Turning with the winds of change

9. 7/01 Bamian Statues in Pictures - A fantastic travel logue from Peter Bernin on his visit to the site where the Bamian Statues once resided, and which have now been reduced to rubble by Taliban authorities.

8. 9/28/99 Concept of Hell getting a make-over.

7. 6/30/99 Dismantling the Clovis Curtain - earliest inhabitants of Western Hemisphere are becoming 20,000 years older

6. 9/25/98 Private Russian Charity - a new movement within Russia

5. 7/4/98 Pope muzzles Theologians - and maybe more.

4. 6/18/98 Vatican Newspaper links Blavatsky to New Age and Satanism - Translation from original Italian that inspired the 5/29/98 material below.

3. 5/29/98 Pope to Condemn Blavatsky? A preliminary indicator says yes

2. 5/28/98 Shroud of Turin - It is in the news and now maybe the shroud is genuine.

1. 4/19/98 Astrology - In the 19th century Blavatksy declared that ancient esoteric astrology was a true science. Furthermore, a fundamental principle of the cosmos is, according to Theosophy, the operation of cycles. So it is interesting to see these items concerning the advance of astrology.

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