Thoughts - Member contributed articles

This page is for articles contributed by members of Blavatsky Net Foundation that do not fit elsewhere on the site and that warrant being posted for continued availability.

7/25/98 Practical Theosophy - This article arose out of the question "How do we practice Theosophy" and is one student's answer.

5/5/98 - An Introduction to "Astro Biological Coenergetics" by Leon Maurer. This is a theory of consciousness expressed in terms of scientific concepts. It is theorized by a member of Blavatsky Net Foundation and we do not know whether the theory is correct or not.  However, we know that this theory was inspired by much deep, purposeful study of Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine over long years. While it will be better understood by those with a scientific background, we thought it deserved consideration and a hearing in order to be proven right or wrong.[Temporarily this points to the entire site on this subject by Mr. Maurer while a summary is being written.]

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