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This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching - Theosophy. It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, research tools, original text, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction.

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How to Start a Study Class

Blavatky Net will do several things to help facilitate the formation of study classes in Theosophy.

1. For an agenda: We are offering a course syllabus that covers the basic principles of Theosophy. The course is currently being worked on and aims to relate the sometimes abstract ideas of Theosophy to the normal person's life. For more information please contact David Grossman at "davidg at". You will be most welcome to use this syllabus as the agenda for your own private study class. Also the homestudy course that is also available free has successfully been used as a basis for a study group.

2. For backup material: the BN-basic course has background material.

3. To find attendees: There is "profile report" available to all members that lists individuals by geographic area. Constantly more and more individuals are signing up to be on that report. It costs nothing and gives relevant information about individuals (what they have chosen to reveal) and their willingness to attend group meetings or otherwise talk. If they would consider "leading" a group, that information is also given. If you haven't seen this report, you really should. See Signup to see the information in the report or members to see the actual report.

4. Help with the discussion: We have an online worldwide study class that will be using the above mentioned syllabus starting October 3, 1999. This list is called BN-study. This list is specifically aimed at addressing basic principles. Questions from your class will be welcomed at BN-study. We would expect that the interchange between the online group and offline study groups would be most worthwhile. There is also a "help desk" on the homepage that stands ready to offer help with Theosophical questions.

5. Advertising your group: We have a click called "meetings" on the homepage of Blavatsky Net. Please check it out and if you qualify we will be glad to list your group on that page. We do not expect a flood of visitiors to your meetings merely because it is listed on that page. However, as that page becomes larger and larger, we do expect it will facilitate more and more people finding the groups and help that is right for them.

6. Parallelism: We will also have a live Blavatsky Net Study Class proceeding in Manhattan New York that will be following the suggested syllabus and the online talk group agenda. Perhaps this parallelism may be helpful at some time.

7. Notice of growth: At the end of each monthly newsletter there is information about any new members in your area that have joined in the last month. So you can keep up to date on inviting any new members that would seem appropriate. Depending on how our experience proceeds, we will also be glad to mention in the monthly newsleter, the formation of any new group on the "meetings" page.

8. Existing Group: If you already have a study group that is appropriate to list on the meetings page, please let us know at "reed3 at". We will be glad to give you a mention and eventually help us all.

9. MORE?: If we can help in any other way, please let us know. Send to Reed Carson at "reed3 at".

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